Defence Pensioners

Retiring Pension

Definition of Pension

Pension shall include gratuity except when the term pension is used in contradistinction to gratuity but does not include dearness relief.

Authy: Based on Rule 3(O) of C.C.S (P) Rules & DP & P.W. notification no.42 (30) P&PW/89/E dt. 22.1.91

Grant of Pension is Subject to Good Conduct

Future good conduct shall be an implied condition for every kind of grant of pension.

Retiring Pension

The minimum qualifying service required to earn retiring pension in case of permanent regular commission officer is 20 Years and 15 Years in the case of late entrants and in respect of EC/S.S.C. officers granted commission from ranks is 12 years (including rank service).

Authy: Govt. of India MOD letter no. 17(4)/2008(2)/D(Pen/Pol) dt. 12.11.2008

Definition of Late Entrants

A late entrant is an officer who is retired on reaching the prescribed age limit for compulsory retirement with at least 15 Years service qualifying for pension but whose actual qualifying service is less than 20 Years.

Authy: Rule 15 P.R.A. modified.

Qualifying Service for Pension

The minimum period of qualifying service for earning retiring pension shall be 20 years (15 years in the case of late entrants).

Linkage of full pension with 33 years of qualifying service has been dispensed with w.e.f 01/01/2006.

A fraction of a year equal to 3 months and above but less than 6 months shall be treated as a completed ½ year. Similarly, nine months or more but less than one year shall be treated as a competed one year and reckoned as qualifying service.

This shall, however, not be applicable for completing minimum qualifying service for pensionary award.

Periods of Service Qualifying Service for Pension

  1. Service as a permanent regular Commissioned Officer
  2. Service rendered before attaining the age of 17 years.
  3. Embodied or called out service as an officer of TA or Auxiliary Air Force subject to refund of gratuity, if any.
  4. Service in the rank if followed by permanent regular Commissioned service without a break subject to refund of gratuity, if any.
  5. All leave including study leave with pay.
  6. Period of suspension from duty when the officer is not brought on trial or court martial with result favour-able to the officer.
  7. Service under an Office /Department/Ministry of the Central Government.
  8. Any period of Civil service under Central Government. if followed by military service subject to refund of gratuity, if any.
  9. Service rendered in the autonomous bodies
  10. The period of ante-date of commission and the period of Secondment subject to the following maxima:-
    1. Ante-date of commission –18 months
    2. Secondment -12 months
    3. when both ante- date and Secondment granted – 24 months
  11. Service rendered in aid of civil administration.

Reckonable Emoluments for Retiring Pension

The reckonable emoluments for retiring pension shall comprise of pay in pay band,grade pay, military service pay and NPA, if any, last drawn.

Calculation of Retirng Pension

The retiring pension of commissioned officers retiring / invalided out on or after 1.1.06 is calculated at 50% of emoluments last drawn or average of reconable emoluments drawn during last 10 months, whichever is more beneficial.

Minimum Pension

W.E.F.1-1-2006, minimum retiring pension is Rs. 3500/- PM

Maximum Pension

W.E.F 1.1.06, Maximum Retiring pension is Rs. 45000/- P.M. For example a General getting Rs. 90000/- pay will be entitled for Rs. 45000/- P.M. pension.