Defence Pensioners

Liberalised Family Pension

In case of an officer under the circumstances mentioned in category ‘D’ or ‘E’ eligible members of the family shall be entitled to liberalised family pension equal to Reckonable emoluments last drawn.

Reckonable emoluments includes pay in pay band, grade pay, MSP and NPA, if any, last drawn.

Liberalised Family Pension shall be granted to the widow until death or disqualification. If the officer is not survived by the widow but is survived by child/ children only, all children together shall be eligible for Liberalised Family Pension at the rate equal to Special Family Pension. Liberalised Family Pension shall be payable to child/ children for the period during which they would have been eligible as in the case of Special Family Pension. It shall be paid to the senior most eligible child at a time. On his/her death/ disqualification, it will pass on to the next eligible child.

Liberalised Family Pension on Re-marriage of Widow.

(i) If widow has children

(a) If she continues to support children after re-marriage

(b) If she does not support children after re-marriage

Full Liberised Family Pension continue to widow

Ordinary family pension equal to 30% to widow

Special Family Pension @ 60% to eligible children.

(ii) If widow has no children

Full Liberalised Family Pension to continue to widow