Defence Pensioners

Invalid Pension

Where service is 10 years or more and disability pension claim is rejected being disability neither attributable to nor aggravated by mily. service, Invalid Pension is granted, which is equivalent to service element of disability pension.

Invalid Gratuity

Where service is below 10 years and I.D has been rejected, the invalid gratuity is to be paid equal to half a months’ pay for each completed half year of qualifying service.

Lump-Sum Compensation in lieuof Disability Element

In case a PBOR is found to have a disability which is accepted as attributable to or aggravated by military service & his disability is accepted at 20% or more for life but the individual is retained in service, he shall be entitled to lump-sum compensation in lieu of D. E., equal to capitalised value of D.E. Once the compensation is paid in lieu of DE, there shall be no further entitlement to the DE for the same disability after his discharge.
The rank for reckoning D.E shall be the rank held at the time of onset of disability and age on next birth day will be reckoned with reference to the date of onset of the disability with loading to age, if any, recommended by the medical board.

Disability Element in Post-Discharge Cases

An individual who is retired/discharged from service otherwise than at his own request with a pension/gratuity, but who within a period of 10 years from the date of discharge, is found to be suffering from a disease which is accepted as attributable to or aggravated by Mily. Service may be granted DE at the rate appropriate to the accepted degree of disablement and rank last held in addition to his pension/ gratuity.