Defence Pensioners

Central Civil Service (Extra Ordinary Pension) Rules

Applicability:CCS (EOP) Rules apply to all persons paid from civil estimates other than those to whom the Workmens' Compensation Act, 1923, applies. Pensionary awards under these rules is made to those Govt. servants in addition to normal entitlements, whose disablement and death is accepted as attributable to or aggravated by service.

The awards made under these rules are as under

  1. Disability Pension
    1. When disablement of a Govt. servant is considered as due to Govt. service, he should be awarded disability pension or lumpsum compensation in accordance with the percentage of disability as certified by the medical authority concerned.
    2. If the Govt. servant is boarded out of the service with permanent disability of not less than 60%, his monthly disability pension shall be related to the family pension admissible to the widow.
    3. If the Govt. servant is retained in service inspite of disablement, he shall be paid a compensation in lumpsum (in lieu of disability pension) on the basis of disability pension by arriving at the capitalised value of such disability pension with reference to the commutation table in force from time to time.

  2. Family Pension
    1. When death of a Govt. servant is considered as due to Govt. service, his widow and children shall be awarded family pension under CCS(EOP) Rules.
    2. If the deceased Govt. servant has left neither a widow nor a child, an award will be made to his father and his mother individually or jointly and, in the absence of the parents, to minor brothers and sisters, individually or collectively, if they were largely dependent on the Govt. servant for the support.
    3. The family pension of a widow will cease on re-marriage but when such re-marriage is annulled by divorce, desertion or death of the second husband, her pension may be restored upon the proof that she is in necessitous circumstances and otherwise deserving.
    4. A widow who remarries her deceased husband's brother and continues to live a communal life with, or contributes to the support of the other dependants of the deceased, shall not be disqualified for the grant of Extra Ordinary family pension.