Defence Pensioners

Retirement Gratuity

Retirement Gratuity

An officer who has completed 5 years qualifying service (actual) and is eligible for retiring /invalid/ special pension or gratuity of any type will be granted retirement gratuity equal to ¼th of the reckonable emoluments for each completed six monthly period of qualifying service subject to the maximum of 16 ½ times of the Reckonable emoluments which will be restricted to Rs. 10 lakhs.

The term “reckonable emoluments “ include pay in pay band, grade pay, military service pay, NPA, if any , plus dearness allowance admissible on the date of retirement / invalidment.

Retiring Pension to Permanent Absorbees

The officers who had drawn lump sum payment on absorption in a PSU/Autonomous body are entitled to restoration of @ 43% commuted portion of pension after 15 Years from the date of commutation or 1-4-85 which ever is later. Along with the restoration of pension all other attendant benefits as admissible to central Govt. pensioners are also admissible.

Note: The Dearness Relief is admissible on full pension from the date of restoration, instead of Dearness Relief on only the restored amount.

Authy: Min. of P.P Grievances & Pension, Dept. Of Pension and Pensioners Welfare No. 4/29/99/P&PW/D Dt. 12-7-2000.

Pension to EC/SSC Officers

Serving JCOs/Ors including corresponding ranks of the NAVY & AIR FORCE granted EC/SSC will be eligible for retiring pension after 12 years of qualifying service actually rendered.

Authy : Govt. of India, Min. of Defence letter no. 17(4)/2008(2)/D/(Pen/ Pol) dt. 12/11/2008.

Officers Cashiered, Dismissed, Removed or Called Upon to Retire

An officer, who has to his credit the minimum period of qualifying service required to earn a pension is cashiered or dismissed or removed from the service under the provisions of Army Act, his/her pension, may, at the discreation; of the President, be either forfeited or be granted pension/gratuity at the rate not exceeding that for which he/she would have otherwise qualified, had he/she been retired on the same date in the normal manner.

Authy : Regn. 16 (a) of PRA Part-I 1961 Edn.

Initiation of Pension Claim

C.D.A (O) Pune being nodal agency is responsible to collect various information/documents mentioned below and forward the same to the office of Principal C.D.A.(P), Allahabad, for grant of pension along with the documents as mentioned below including LPC (which is prepared by the C.D.A. (O)):-

  • Retirement notification issued by AHQ.
  • Certificate to the effect whether disciplinary case is pending against him or not issued from AHQrs.
  • Unit Part II orders showing the date of S.O.S.
  • Release Medical Examination Report / Release Medical Board Proceedings from AHQrs.
  • Family Details from the Army HQrs./ Officer.
  • Pension application showing the name of any nationalised bank with Bank A/C Number submitted by the officer.
  • Commutation application given by the officer.
  • Declaration for commutation
  • Nomination of LTA
  • Joint photograph duly attested submitted by officer.
  • L.P.C. Cum data sheet.
  • Full pay commissioned service certificate.
  • Outstanding demand, if any, or a no demand certificate.